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With a 4.54% growth in population since 2020 at the time of writing, Bonney Lake is a fast growing city in Pierce County. With fast growth of a city comes a great need for new housing development, and sometimes city sewer systems can’t keep up. This means that despite Bonney Lake being one of the faster growing cities in the area, not only are older homes on septic, but some newer ones are as well. If you’re a homeowner in Bonney Lake and your community or home is on septic, choosing Upfront Septic will be the best decision you can make when it’s time to pump your tank or if you’re in need of repair services for your septic lines. We are a locally owned septic company, and are committed to providing trustworthy and reasonably priced services for homeowners on septic.  Our Bonney Lake septic pumping and sewer repair services are available to all residents, and we handle everything from a simple tank pump to full-blown emergency septic cleanup.  No matter the job, we’re there to do the dirty work.

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Septic Tank Pumping Bonney Lake

If you recently moved into a Bonney Lake home for work or otherwise, there’s a decent chance that you purchased a home or property that is on septic. Farms or large rural properties are the most likely kinds to be on septic, but even suburban neighborhood developments may be on septic despite what you’d expect. You may not have needed to get that septic tank pumped yet, but when you do it’s important to go with the right company to do it. It’s important to get your septic tank pumping done regularly; we recommend getting a service every three years.  Failure to keep up with your septic tank cleaning can lead to some major problems; if your septic system reaches it’s limit, you may experience sewage floods or backups.  While the process of a septic pumping is pretty straightforward in nature, choosing a good septic company is anything but. Many of our current customers have told us horror stories about the national and regional septic companies they had to deal with in the past, with many a repeat tale of being overcharged, poor quality work having to be redone, and worse. Upfront Septic is here to be a different kind of septic company that you can trust for all pumping and repair needs, and choose to be your go-to for decades to come.  We promise to offer only the best, most reasonable septic services possible; sanitation is important for everyone, and we’re dedicated to upholding that standard for every client.  Whether you need septic tank repair, drain field repair, a simple tank pump, or worse, we’re ready to help.

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“They were prompt with professional and expert advice and recommended repair vs replacement, which I was already told I would need but appreciated their commitment to doing only what was needed. Cleaned up everything too. Very friendly from the phone to when they arrived. Highly recommend them.”

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The History of Bonney Lake

  • Bonney Lake was only fully established as a town in 1946, despite settlers first arriving as early as 1850. Before 1946 there was no electricity or water available in the city, and incorporation was finally completed in 1949.
  • Kyle J. White, a Medal of Honor recipient for his heroic actions during the War in Afghanistan, was born and raised in Bonney Lake.
  • HopsnDrops, originally known as Hop Jack’s, is a multi-state restaurant franchise with 21 locations, and the first one was opened in 2009 in Bonney Lake.
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Bonney Lake Septic Tank Pump, Repair & Cleaning Services

There’s no need to fret about being taken advantage of or overcharged by your septic company, when you can choose Upfront Septic instead. We pride ourselves on high quality work that is priced transparently and fairly, and do our best to stick to estimated prices so you can stay within budget. We also will recommend repairs or replacement if we believe they are needed, but only will do additional work that wasn’t originally planned for after discussing the cost, and benefits with you. Call us today!

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