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Are you a homeowner in the city of University Place, WA? Whether you’re close to the water near the Chambers Bay golf course, or nearer Fort Steilacoom, your home may be on septic. Whether you’ve had the septic tank pumped many times before or if you just moved in and haven’t had to get it serviced yet, we would love to provide you with excellent septic pumping and repair services. We offer reasonable pricing, excellent customer service, highly qualified and licensed technicians and timely service that goes above and beyond the expectations you may have from working with other septic companies.  Our septic tank cleaning and repair services are top-notch, and we take pride in ensuring that your home septic system is working well.  We know home septic can be difficult, but we believe in bringing safe sanitation to people everywhere.  Whether you need a system repair, a drain field inspection, a routine tank cleaning, or an emergency sewage cleanup, we hope we’ll be your go-to septic pumper.

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Septic Tank Pumping University Place

You might be surprised if you’re looking at homes in the University Place area and aren’t familiar with it: a lot of these houses are on septic, even in newer developments. A large part of why this is the case is because Pierce County, and University Place within it, is a rapidly growing area and city sewer systems take a lot of time to be developed and built. Simply put, even suburban style housing developments have been built in University Place, South Tacoma and Fircrest to support the massive growth long before government sewer systems could be used with them. While day-to-day usage of a home on septic is not any different from being on sewer, it brings a unique set of maintenance requirements that sewer doesn’t have due to the finite nature of septic tanks. Failure to maintain your septic tank can lead to some gross consequences; sewage backed up in home drains, or wastewater floods in the yard, for example.  We recommend getting septic tank pumping done every three years to avoid strain on the septic system.  You need a reliable septic pumping company that you can count on whether you need routine pumping, or if you have concerns about clogs, leaks, or worse.

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We’ve heard a lot of rough stories from our customers about their past dealings with other septic companies. One of the worst we heard about was a company not actually performing the service they were supposed to, and charging for it anyway. Connor told us about it: “Would never use them again. Called for a septic pump, they showed up and “pumped” it and charged us their fee. A few weeks later we were having the system inspected by a different company to sell the house and he said the tank clearly hadn’t been pumped at all. Had to pay for another pump. Called the first company to ask about it and they blocked my number. True story.” Obviously this is a worst case scenario and very few contractors would blatantly lie like this, but it goes to show how badly some homeowners on septic systems have been treated by their septic companies. Because you will always have to get the tank pumped eventually, you need to have someone you can trust to perform that service and also do maintenance. Upfront Septic does both with excellence, transparency and timeliness so you can get it resolved as soon as possible, without killing your wallet.

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University Place Septic System Cleaning & Septic Pumper

Our goal is to not just make a quick sale off you, but to be your go-to for decades to come or as long as you’re an owner of a home on septic. Our University Place septic tank pumping services are a public necessity, and we’re proud to help maintain a high standard of sanitation for people across Washington. We repair septic systems, do drain field repair, routine tank pumping, and more.  Whether you’re a landlord trying to take care of your tenants, or live in the home on septic yourself, we’re here to help take care of septic issues and leave the house cleaner than we found it. We hope you’ll consider us your routine septic company, whether it’s for septic repair, tank pumping, or emergency sewage help.  Call us today or visit our online contact form to schedule an appointment in University Place.

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