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Are you a resident of Fife, WA? If you live in a house in this area or own a house that you rent out to tenants in Fife, there’s a fairly high chance that the home is on septic. Despite Fife being very close to Tacoma, which is the third largest city in the state of Washington, many of the homes in this area are on septic, even in newer, more suburban developments. Even though Fife is so close to densely populated areas like Fircrest and Parkland and has grown substantially in population for the past few decades, much of Fife is still fairly rural and the city’s sewer system only goes so far. This means that many Fife homeowners are in need of a septic pumping on a regular basis, although the time between pumpings will vary substantially depending on how many people are residing in the house and their living habits. Septic tank pumping and septic tank cleaning are necessary public services, and we’re dedicated to ensuring people in Fife and across Washington have access to functional sanitation facilities.  Whether you need routine tank pumping or emergency septic help, we’ll be there. Upfront Septic is here to be the septic company you can rely on for your Fife septic needs.

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Septic Tank Pumping Fife Septic Services

This company was founded to be a cut above what you’d expect from other septic services. Rather than just being a company built with profit in mind, and thereby charging the maximum we can get away with for the relatively simple (as long as you have the proper equipment, licensing and training) process of pumping. However we want to do more than that: our goal is to be the best septic company you’ll ever work with, by showing up on time, providing honest and excellent service, charging a fair price and never adding in random fees, and making sure your home and tank are spotless when we leave.  We offer Fife septic tank pumping services; we can get your septic tank pumped, and do septic maintenance, septic cleaning, and emergency septic.  We make it our mission to provide comprehensive septic service at a reasonable price.

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“I called to setup the appointment and 1) they answered the phone! 2) the person scheduling the visit was friendly and efficient, 3) shortly after I received a text message confirming the appointment and 4) on the day of the install I received a message saying they were on their way. Efficient and organized!”

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Part of why Upfront Septic was founded was because we wanted to outdo a lot of the septic companies we’ve seen do poor work, and/or overcharge customers for said work. For example, one of our customers named Gina told us: “I had work done by this other company and they were awful. They failed to do the work properly and failed to re-install the lid on the septic tank. When I called about the smell, they sent out a technician and charged me to do work they should have done when pumping.” While doing better than what happened in this instance is quite a low bar, our objective is to make sure that you’re 100% satisfied with our septic system pumping service along with any repairs or maintenance we’ve done along the way (with your consent after confirming the costs with you.)

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Fife Septic Pumping and Cleaning

Upfront Septic is owned and operated by Pierce County homeowners too, so we know what it’s like to work with a great contractor, and unfortunately we’ve had our bad experiences too. That’s why we wanted to start a septic company that would be the most trustworthy one in the area, and earn our customers’ trust through consistently excellent service. Please give us a call if you need septic pumping services in Fife!

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