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Upfront Septic is proud to service Lakewood homeowners and all property owners in Pierce County. Whether you’re close to Joint Base Lewis-McChord or in the direction of Parkland, our septic service can provide you with pumping and repair for your septic tank and lines. Our septic experts are highly knowledgeable, fully licensed and insured, and exceptionally trained for your pumping and service needs. We are here to be your number one septic company choice for decades to come, providing excellent service at reasonable prices. We pride ourselves on timely service, transparent communication, easy to understand pricing, and professionalism that exceeds your expectations.  No matter the size of your home tank, our septic tank service is ready to go to work.

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Lakewood Septic System Pumper

If you’re looking to purchase a home in the Lakewood area or just moved here recently, you may be surprised that many homes, old and new are on septic. Many homes across Washington state still use septic. Even though the Pierce County and Puget Sound area has been one of the most constantly growing areas in the United States for decades, many communities and suburbs within it are still on the rural side. Despite the constant population growth, sewer systems take a long time to build out and implement; housing developments often get ahead of the sewer system building. This means that both newer and older homes are often on septic. In everyday use, having a septic system isn’t functionally very different from being on sewer, but as soon as the septic tank fills or a clog occurs the finite nature of septic tanks becomes very obvious. It will always need to be pumped eventually, so you will need to call a septic pumping company at one point or another.  We recommend getting your septic systems pumped every three years to avoid wastewater backups.  Toilets, showers, and other drains can become filled with sewage if tank pumping is not done regularly.  We pump many a Lakewood septic tank, and we are ready to get to work on your tank cleaning.  Our septic services span across the Puget Sound area; septic tank pumping is an essential service that we’re proud to offer. Upfront Septic is here to be your go-to neighborhood septic pumping company!

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“First, they were great at rescheduling the appointment due to a last minute conflict. The technician was able to come when worked for me, find the problem and quickly give me the honest diagnosis which resulted in a timely and not too costly repair - all with great professional customer service including explaining the problem, what they were going to do to fix and asking if I had any additional questions. I would highly recommend Upfront for your septic and plumbing needs.”

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Upfront’s Reasonable Pricing

We’ve heard a lot of unfortunate stories about other septic companies our clients have worked with before. We hear a lot about issues with timeliness, bad communication, and more but the most common one that comes up is overcharging for service. As Mark told us about his last septic company he got work done with: “If I could have given a negative star I would have. This company charges double the normal price for septic pumping!” We do our absolute best to provide accurate estimates, and charge reasonable prices that beat the competition in most cases. We also make sure to inform you if an unexpected issue has been found, and only do additional work if it is absolutely necessary and after confirming with you that it’s okay to proceed. Finally we avoid nickel and diming, with simple costs that are easy to understand so you know exactly what you’re paying for!  Contact us today using our online form or give us a call directly to schedule your next service.

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Home Tank Septic Pump Services

If your home or property is on septic, please keep us in mind for the next time you need pumping, inspection or service for your septic tank. We want to be your go-to choice for septic needs, and continue being the most trusted septic company in Pierce County. Please give us a call today to schedule an appointment if you’re in need of septic pumping.

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