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Do you own a property in South Hill, WA or have a home in that area? There’s a good chance that your house is on septic, even if you’re in a newer housing development. If you’ve lived there for many years, you know that pumping is always required once the tank fills up and have likely dealt with the frustrations of trying to book a septic company to take care of it, and the fear of being taken advantage of. Upfront Septic is your locally owned alternative that provides excellent septic pumping services for a reasonable price.

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Septic Tank Pumping South Hill

While the everyday user experience of being in a home on septic is generally the same as being in a home on a city sewer system, that will change very quickly if the septic tank fills up entirely or if you get a clog in a critical underground pipe. You may find that some or all of the drains in your home suddenly become plugged, and at worst you may even get sewage coming back up out of the sinks, bathtub and shower in your home. This means that when something goes wrong with your septic system, you need service as soon as possible, and that means you need a go-to company you can call to take care of standard pumping, but that can also fix your septic issues as needed. We’re locally owned in Pierce County and live here too, and have the licensing, insurance and training to properly service your septic tank, lines and entire system. We also provide standard pumping services, so no matter the issue with your septic that you’re encountering, we can handle it.

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We’ve heard a lot of bad stories about other septic contractors, from our customers who have chosen to go with us instead after their bad experiences. For instance, Chris said about the septic contractor he had hired previously: “He said that he would be there to pump the septic the next day at 11:30. He never showed up. I was never able to reach anyone nor did I receive a call from anyone either.” Upfront Septic prioritizes timeliness as one of the most important parts of our business, and in the event that we are unable to make it to your home by the time we promised, we will always communicate with you about any delays and make it right. We also work efficiently and expertly to avoid charging more hours than are necessary for the work being performed.

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Septic Companies South Hill

Upfront Septic was established to be the local, trustworthy and reasonably priced septic company you’ve been looking for in Pierce County. You can trust our fully licensed and insured septic experts to do excellent work, give accurate estimates and only do extra repair work if you consent after an in-depth explanation of the issue and any extra costs. Our mission is to be the neighborhood septic company you can trust for decades to come. We’re locally owned here in Pierce County and our goal is to be the community septic service everyone knows and trusts.

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