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Do you own a home in a rural or unincorporated area of Pierce County, such as Spanaway? If so, it’s quite likely that your home has a septic system instead of being connected to a larger city sewer. Sewer systems are massive investments that cities and counties have to make, and oftentimes housing developments are needed to be completed long before a sewer system can be implemented, hence why you’d be surprised how many homes use septic systems rather than sewer. Even though Spanaway has over 33,000 residents as of writing, many homes in the town are on septic tanks despite the relatively large population that is continuing to grow. If you are a Spanaway homeowner with a septic system in need of pumping or service, you can trust Upfront Septic to be the most reliable and trustworthy septic company in the Pacific Northwest. We are locally based in Pierce County and have made it our mission to provide excellent septic services at reasonable prices, with no nickel and diming practices or unfair business practices. You don’t need to fret about getting a bad deal, or being taken advantage of when Upfront Septic is here as your neighborhood septic specialist team. 

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Septic Tank Pumping Spanaway

You may be surprised to see that a growing area like Spanaway and its nearby towns of Parkland have so many homes on septic. If you’re new to the area and just purchased a home so you could live near your new place of work, or chose a Spanaway home for its excellent access to the beautiful nature of the Pacific Northwest, you may not have had to deal with getting your septic tank pumped or serviced. Septic tanks have a finite capacity, so no matter what the tank will eventually need to be pumped if anyone is living in the home that’s connected to it and using the kitchen, bathrooms or outside water systems. In theory a pumping is a simple enough process to get taken care of, if there are no faults in your system that need repair. It’s just having the right equipment to pump out the waste and make sure the tank is ready for use again. However, many of our customers who have septic and have worked with other companies have reported bad experiences with national companies that charge far more than is reasonable, and even have shady practices like doing repairs that weren’t addressed in the initial estimate or adding in extra fees with no clarity about what they’re actually for. Upfront is here to be your local, trustworthy alternative as we have transparent pricing, show up on time, and clean up after ourselves and only do the work that was agreed upon. If there is an issue we recommend getting fixed, we will let you know what it is, how much it will cost and get your approval before repairing it. 

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“Their customer service was excellent, they were super responsive, and reasonably priced. The thing that was the best for me was that everyone was so personable and didn't make me feel stupid for asking questions, and also made me feel like I wasn't getting taken advantage of.”

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What Makes Spanaway Special

  • With over 135 acres of land, Spanaway Park is one of the most popular parks in south Pierce County in both warm and cold weather. 
  • Fantasy Lights, one of the largest annual holiday displays in the Northwest, is held at Spanaway Park every year.
  • Jerry Cantrell, founder, guitarist and vocalist of Alice in Chains, an eleven time Grammy nominated grunge rock band, grew up in Spanaway.
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Septic Companies Spanaway

If you’re on septic and are suspecting that it’s time to get your tank pumped out, or if there’s an issue with your system getting clogged or leaking that you’re concerned about, we’d be happy to visit your home and give you an estimate. We hope to not just be your one time service provider and make a quick buck, but to be your trusted, go-to septic expert for as long as you live in your home on septic. Call us today!

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